GRAPHIC PICS from inside hotel room where #AndrewGillum was found! Drugs, alcohol,bodily fluids & more!

More details are surfacing surrounding Andrew Gillum’s connection to the meth overdose of the gay escort! Daily Mail has EXCLUSIVE photos from inside the posh suite and more sordid details emerge! Signs of sex and a whole lot of partying can be seen in the graphic photos!

The DailyMail exclusive images show the slew of drugs, both prescription and illegal, found inside the posh $220-per-night hotel room, including three bags of what police believe was crystal meth.

Dozens of white pills can be seen scattered on the floor and bedside table alongside empty containers of citalopram, an anti-anxiety medication, and gabapentin, which helps combat seizures and nerve pain.

There’s also a small bottle of an injectable medicine containing alprostadil which is typically used to treat erectile dysfunction and should never be mixed with alcohol.

Beer bottles and sheets covered in bodily fluids can also been in the photos, obtained from police under Freedom of Information law.

This does not look good at all!

To revisit the story click HERE!

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