1st Look: #Power Book IV: #Force [details]

‘Tommy Egan’ is on the loose in L.A.! We have some details about the ‘Power’ spin-off “Power Book IV: Force”

Force is the last of four spin-offs, so we won’t be seeing it anytime soon but we do have some intel on the new show.

The first spin-off,’Ghost’,was scheduled to arrive this summer but that could change in light of what is currently happening with the Coronavirus pandemic that has shut down production on most all shows. This could potentially impact the other titles as well, but it’s too early to tell.

Power Book IV: Force cast: Who’s in it?

We know that Joseph Sikora will head up the series as ‘Tommy Egan’ of course.

Sikora is set to appear in ‘Ozark’ season three, so his involvement in that series could impact filming schedules.

There’s also a rumor that Patricia Kalember will feature as Tommy’s mother, Kate.

The rest of the cast is unknown at this point, but the action will take place in a brand new location, so expect lots of new friends and foes.

‘Force’ will follow Tommy as he turns his back on New York and heads to Los Angeles.

We all LOVE to hate ‘Tommy’ so hopefully this installment will be good. NYC is such a huge ‘character’ in the story, it will be interesting to see how the sleekness of L.A. and the palm trees will play into ‘Force’..we will be eagerly waiting though….


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