#RHOA reunion? #NeneLeakes reunites with #ApolloNida & his fiance’![pics]

Fancy meeting you here…?
It was a reunion of sorts at Nene Leakes’ comedy show stop in Philly this Saturday…(Feb. 22).

Leakes reunited with past cast member, Apollo Nida and his fiance Sherien Almufti backstage after the show.

Check out a few pics!



Looks like Sherien is cozying up to the right one to grease the door open for season 13? And wait, when last we saw Apollo & NeNe were they even on speaking terms to be this cozy now? *side eye* This could be the reason the ladies don’t really entertain Nene’s antics and water works on the show…but at any rate…here we are… bosom buddies….let’s see how this pans out….