Dashcam caught SHOOTING at #KandiBurruss’ #OLG restaurant! [Vid]

A patrons dashcam caught the shocking footage of the shooting at Kandi Burruss’ OLG restaurant on Valentine’s Day!

In the video, captured by a man waiting to eat nearby that night, the incident happens so fast that you could miss it. First, a black car pulls up to the restaurant and a man in a red or orange jumpsuit walks inside.

Not even a minute later, chaos ensues. People begin rushing out of the restaurant and the video appears to show gunfire.

“We saw the muzzle fire, the gun,” the man who provided the video told FOX 5. “It was a very terrifying situation.”

The man in the tracksuit then runs out of the frame and the black car speeds off.

East Point police say that three people, one a teenage girl, were injured in the shooting. All three victims are expected to be OK.

Watch the shocking footage!