Rumor Patrol: #SnoopDogg’s son #CordellBroadus is NOT gay..we don’t think.. Explains ANDROGYNOUS photo shoot!

For the record…there is no confirmation that Snoop Dogg’s son is GAY.

After photos from a shoot made the rounds on the blogs showing 22 year old Cordell Broadus in women’s clothing and androgynous make-up, some outlets have been reporting that the one time UCLA baller and part-time model was homosexual. Young Broadus has spoken out about those claims:

Snoop Dogg’s son, Cordell Broadus, was pictured wearing eyeliner, women’s clothing and earrings in some modeling photos.

Broadus has since reflected on the photos, recording a video of himself on his Instagram Story.

“I was embodying a role, that shit was on masculinity and I channelled my inner Prince, I channelled my inner Rick James, and I don’t understand it. Whenever other artists that are not black wear makeup, paint their nails or put eyeliner on, society doesn’t put a label on them,” said Broadus. “Me being an artist, I don’t follow the rules. So you can miss me with all the opinions and labeling.”

He does make a valid point. When black people step out of the norm or think outside of the box, they are quickly called GAY or given that ‘weird’ label. Tyler the Creator recently spoke about being ‘different’ when he recently won his 1st Grammy.

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