Splitsville! #LenaWaithe & #AlanaMayo divorcing after just a few months! Waithe CHEATED…allegedly! [Vid]

It was around Thanksgiving 2019 when we found out Lena Waithe and girlfriend Alana Mayo had jumped the broom. Well apparently we all JUMPED the gun on this union because the two are ready DIVORCING…and it appears Lena is the reason–she CHEATED……allegedly.

I remember it was all good just a few weeks ago. Waithe was on ‘Wendy’ gushing about her new nuptials:

Whew, things can change QUICKLY!


“After careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways,” a joint statement from their reps read. “We have nothing but support for one another and ask that you respect our privacy during this time.”

Word from the curb is that Lena may have cheated…and that the union was on shaky ground ready prior to the impromptu wedding! Sources say there were NUMEROUS incidents of infidelity from Lena.

Lena went along with it as a way to placate Alana and salvage their relationship. (Never a good way to start a marriage I might add…)

It seems that even after the union, Waithe had a wondering eye and wondering ‘purse’…err or wallet.

“Even after they were married, Lena was still buying designer gifts — Chanel, Gucci — for other women.”

You know with pricey gifts comes ‘expectation’, right? I’m just saying…

The couple had been together 3 years before marrying.

We will keep an eye on this cause it could get DICEY when MONEY is involved…

I hope it doesn’t get ugly because Waithe seems like a really nice person…


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