#OrlandoBrown alleges #NickCannon sucked his d*ck as a FEMALE! Nick RESPONDS! [VID]

Orlando Brown is no stranger to revealing intimate details about his life for SHOCK VALUE. Well it appears he is back to that again…

Now Brown is alleging that he once let Nick Cannon give him oral sex and he ‘kinda liked it’. He goes on to say Cannon performed the act ‘as a female’. We are going to assume he meant he was dressed up as a FEMALE….? With Brown it is not always clear what he means… But here are his own words about the alleged felatio act….

Brown has had many run-ins with the law, bouts with addiction and mental health issues….so…. who knows what is fact and what is fiction.

But, Cannon took the time to reply…

Nick decided to take the HIGH ROAD WITH his response:


Nick did the right thing….Seems like Brown was trolling again. Maybe he was sent by 50 Cent to mess with Nick for the Eminem beef?


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