Done Deal! #WendyWilliams SETTLES divorce from #KevinHunter! [Details]

It’s done! Wendy Williams is a single woman again..officially!

The uber popular daytime talk show host finalized her divorce from Kevin Hunter on Tuesday, according to “Page Six”. They cited irreconcilable differences as the cause. From the looks of things, Wendy had a good lawyer because the grip to her purse strings could have been far worse in light of them not having a prenup! Here is the lay-out of the settlement!

Both Williams and Hunter have agreed to forego alimony. Williams did, however, agree to keep a $1 million life insurance policy on herself that will go to Hunter should she die, but she has the right to reduce the amount on a yearly basis.

Williams is also responsible for covering Hunter’s health insurance under her current policy.

The former couple also agreed to split the proceeds from their Livingston, New Jersey, home when it eventually sells. It’s now on the market for $1.7 million, after originally being listed at $1.9 million. Williams previously paid Hunter $250,000 to help him find new living arrangements.

Hunter and Williams’ joint bank account will go to Williams and all of Hunter’s shares in Wendy Williams Productions Inc. will be signed over to Williams. She will remain the sole owner of Wendy, Inc.

Hunter received an undisclosed lump sum from Williams, and a severance payment from Wendy, Inc. He will maintain ownership of his businesses and his cars, including a Ferrari and Rolls Royce, as well.

They each have to pay their own legal fees.

Williams filed for divorce in April 2019 after Hunter’s mistress, Sharina Hudson, gave birth to a baby girl.

I would love to know what this severance payment is and what are the details. Is it a set time thing? Just a package deal that’s one and done or what? I will dig a little deeper to see what we can find out.

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