RUMOR PATROL: #NeneLeakes DID NOT quit #RHOA… [details]


This MORNING, Nene Leakes FANS were ROCKED to their CORE when friend and MEDIA MAVEN, Wendy Williams REVEALED live on her show that Nene was ‘QUITTING’ ‘Housewives’.  (In case you missed that STORY REVISIT that HERE.)

PUMP the BREAKS, we have gotten WORD from that that is NOT THE CASE!  We all know ATLien has her EAR to the STREETS and when it comes to ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, she has the INSIDE SCOOP ALWAYS.  Here is what she is reporting about the ALLEGED ‘QUIT-TATION SITUATION’:

SOURCES SAY that that NEWS of her quitting is “absolutely untrue”… apparently Nene was venting to Wendy and the talk show host took it upon herself to run with the news without confirming it first. Now that is a BONE worth carrying… but you have to FACT CHECK these things. You would think Nene would know this…. BUT OK…

US Magazine also reached out to Leakes camp and a rep for the reality star recently revealed to them that Leakes “has not made a decision about her future on RHOA”.

Now as of late, Nene has been ABSENT from a few episodes and the fans have taken NOTICE, and when she is FEATURED, it seems that the ‘EVERYBODY HATES NENE’ train is trying to ROLL OVER HER full speed ahead. So it would make sense that she would VENT about her time on the time and her FUTURE with the FRANCHISE. GRANTED in the past NeNe has DOG-WALKED alot of people on and OFF the show, so maybe the ROOSTERS have come home to ROOST, but this HATE TRAIN is a bit MUCH. Nene MAKES the FRANCHISE–like it or NOT. When she is not around the plot revolves around her and the fans MISS HER PRESENCE. SO if these ladies wish to ‘BULLY’ her out of the show she helped bring to the PROMINENCE it is now is LUDICROUS at best. Yes NENE is ALOT to deal with, but that is why we LOVE and HATE her TOO and she is GOOD TV. Wendy HINTED at a SECRET and a SIDE of NeNe we don’t see a lot of on the show with the EDITS and Divisive STORYLINES, it would be good to see more of the FUN, GOOD TIME NeNe…. So let’s hold on and see what’s to come… but NeNe NEEDS to stay apart of the franchise as long as there is a FRANCHISE….. IJS…..

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