‘That Bitch’ #Yovanna throws #NeNeLeakes under the BUS! Claims she is NOT the ‘SNAKE’! [vid]

Yovanna Momplaisir, ‘THAT BITCH’, AKA ‘The Snake’ is now claiming that she is NOT the who ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ cast are painting her out to be!

As you may know ‘THAT BITCH’, Yovanna was pretty much OUTED as being the ROOT of MOST of the DRAMA between the LADIES this WHOLE season 12 after allegations began to FLY that there was a RECORDING of fave, Cynthia Bailey ‘BADMOUTHING’ resident ‘THE ONE’, Nene Leakes!

After a HEATED discussion the LADIES all were at each other’s throats and many of the ladies GANGED up on Yovanna after Nene and Marlo all but ADMITTED Yovanna was the one with the ‘audio’ from Cynthia’s RANT!

Now Yovanna is BACKPEDALING and saying there may or may not be a RECORDING and that the WHOLE debacle is the MAKING of NeNe Leakes as a part of a SMEAR CONSPIRACY to make her on again off again ‘FRIEND’ Cynthia look bad!

Momplaisir sat down with the lovely ladies of ‘Sister Circle Live’ to talk about the SCANDAL and to say ‘it wasn’t HER—but Nene who MASTERMINDED the whole thing!!! Here is what she had to say!

So she said Nene started the rumor and that she NEVER recorded anyone and that there may not even be any ‘RECEIPTS’ to speak of. So who do we BELIEVE?

HERE IS MY TAKE… Yovanna PLANTED THE SEED that she may or may not have some INTEL that would make Cynthia look bad. Knowing that the best way to get more entrenched into the show was to COZY up to the HEAD PEACH, NeNe, so she took the ‘info’ to her. Nene RAN WITH IT as a means to SOLIDIFY her HEAD of the THRONE and to throw some DIRT on her one-time friend, Cynthia in the process as a GET BACK for her not letting her know Kenya was coming to her party LAST season.

The ‘LIE’ festered and GREW to the point it hit a HEAD and the EXPLOSIVE fight between the ladies EXPLODED. Nene trying to save face sacrificed Yovanna as COLLATERAL damage to save the few relationships she does care about with the rest of the ladies and to save face and to look good for the FANS. Now that Yovanna sees NeNe is not going to FORSAKE the ladies she has worked with for years for HER well being, not ‘THAT BITCH’ is singing like a CANARY to save face on her own FRONT.


SO..in conclusion, there probably is NO TAPE, AUDIO, cassette, 8-track or RECEIPTS to support Yovanna’s claims, but she got ’15-minutes’ out of the deal and may get a SMALL PORTION of ‘REUNION’ bag for her troubles. But one thing remains, Yovanna–your PLAN backfired because trying to COZY up to Nene caused the rest of the LADIES to turn on you. Once you cozy to one at the risk of having the other 6 NOT TRUST you, you become…..UNWANTED and not VIABLE for anymore storylines, so ‘FRIEND’ of the show may be NULL and VOID now. Ladies that BUCK the system and get hated usually get CAST out of the ORCHARD–Ask, Claudia, Kim, Sheree and Phaedra…. IJS.


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