#LilMo talks SPLIT from #KarlDugan after he spit on her in front of their kids! [Vid]

Singer, songwriter, the 90’s go to chick for that fire HOOK, Lil’ Mo sets the record straight on her marriage to Karl Dugan, and why she chose to finally walk away from it completely! ‘Superwoman’ Mo recounts the moment Dugan spat on her in front of their children!

“When he spit on me…and my kids were there the day we got back from ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’” Lil Mo explains. “What I did was — ’cause I still have the audio — I just remember running out the house that night. It was like two o’clock…when we flew back we were gonna have [a] family day. All the kids, we were gonna go to the mall and stuff like that. And I was just like, ‘Hey, you were supposed to be here…you’re drunk, you’re high. Something isn’t right.’ So he just starts yelling at me, and I’m like, ‘Bro, my kids are here- this and that.’”

Of course this last straw comes acter years of infidelity,and drug abuse on the part of Dugan and Mo’s own battle with opiod abuse. Check out what she had to say about her marriage and more with DJ Quick Silva:

Truth be told, Mo should have left him 2 reality shows ago. She is such a force, a pioneer–one hell of a songwriter and singer–now she can soar again without the burden of a no good husband. We all know Mo is that GIRL and she has so many more songs to sing and write!


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