#DrDre #TaylorSwift & #Beyonce TOP earners of the DECADE on #Forbes! [Details]

As the DECADE draws to a close, we need to chart some of the big moments.

Forbes annually release the top earners in hip hop and now we have the TOP EARNERS of the DECADE and Dr. Dre tops the list!

Dr. Dre is ending the decade on a really high note.

Since 2010, Dre has reportedly earned a cool $950 million, putting him ahead of the likes of Taylor Swift (at No. 2 with $825 million), Beyoncé (who is No. 3 with $685 million) and more.

As one would suspect, the earnings weren’t really from music—as Dre only released one album in that time frame (2015’s Compton) and as Forbes noted, he hasn’t produced on a No. 1 record since Eminem’s “Crack a Bottle” in 2009. Instead, a majority of Dre’s earnings came from his approximately 20% stake in Beats. The $3 billion Apple acquisition of the company in 2014 certainly helped.

While Michael Jackson’s name is absent from the list, Forbes noted that he would have surpassed all the other musicians if posthumous earnings were taken into consideration. His estate cashed in a total of $2.37 billion this past decade.

Here are the rest of the top 10 earners of the DECADE!



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