STAR TRACKS #KanyeWest SPOTTED painted in SILVER head to toe for new play! [Pics]

Maybe we don’t understand it yet or maybe ‘it’s above us’. But Kanye West is on a whole other wave.

Channeling ALUMINUM FOIL, Yeezy is covered head to toe in silver for new nativity play!

West performed the story of the birth of Jesus Christ last night and he was covered in silver painting all through the production. Kanye premiered his new opera, dubbed “Mary”, a production Kanye dedicated a to honor of Jesus’s virgin mother in Art Basel in Miami.

According to TMZ, Kanye and others involved in the opera who were on stage and involved in the goings-on of the story … completely covered in silver, head to toe.

The play portrayed the Nativity story … in which Mary miraculously became pregnant and gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem, welcoming royal visitors from distant lands for the occasion.

Story developing…

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