*Pause* Is Nigerian rapper #Phyno kissing a dude here!? [Pics]

Hmmmm…so is this just a very deep close conversation or is Nigerian-rapper Phyno seen here kissing a man!?

After this pic began to circulate on Social media that looks like rapper Phyno kissing another guy,speculations quickly started coming out! THIS begs the question if Phyno was secretly gay!? may not be as straight as he says.

Some even alleged that the unidentified man in the photo was KCee, a popular singer with the defunct KC Presh music group. In the background of the photograph, they spotted in the club-like environment. When media outlets contacted the rapper by phone to get his reaction, his manager said Phyno cannot not be involved in “homo”.

According to him, the photo was photoshopped, stating further that the music artist is not gay.

Phyno, however, some hours ago, tweeted to explain that he was only whispering to the man in the viral picture when he was photographed in that controversial position.

“Nice camera angle, paparazzi keep it up,” the rapper posted. He further wrote, “I said it before it happened. On a normal day, I would have ignored this, but for the sake of my fans, let me address this. Like seriously, I am too straight to for this sh*t. “Name God go punish the photographer and the photoshper, but for now, #BringBackOurGirls.”

Who knows….


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