ON THIS DAY… 25 YEARS of #TLC’s ‘CrazySexyCool’! [Vids]

.One of my favorite TLC albums.. ‘CrazySexyCool’ turned 25 yesterday!

CrazySexyCool is the second studio album by American girl group TLC. It was released on November 15, 1994, by LaFace and Arista Records.

Following the group’s record deal, they released their debut album Ooooooohhh… On the TLC Tip (1992) which was met with positive reviews and commercial success. The following year, the group began working on the follow-up album; however, the recording process was unproductive due to personal struggles—notably those of group member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, who was involved in a volatile romantic relationship and struggling with alcoholism. The album’s recording lasted until September 1994, with Lopes being forced to have less input due to being in rehab.

CrazySexyCool is arguably TLC’s truest R&B offering, as it remains fluently smooth and harmonic over the almost constant mid-tempo pacing. Reportedly, Left Eye had less creative control as she was embroiled with legal and personal issues during much of the album’s recording. Big names from the rap world are present throughout, including OutKast’s André 3000, who was still a budding talent at the time when he checked in for the song “Sumthin’ Wicked This Way Comes,” also produced by Organized Noize. Phife of A Tribe Called Quest opened the LP with a freestyle type of rhyme tribute, built around his 1993 shout-out to the group on his song “Oh My God”. Busta Rhymes also drops in to explain his desire for a crazy, sexy, cool woman in the mid-90s.

TLC’s authenticity and soulfulness helped CrazySexyCool become an elite diamond certified LP and was a constant staple inside of discmans, cars, and portable stereo speakers during the midpoint of the 90s. Sure, its songs represented another addition to the litany of young woman anthems of the decade, but the album’s appeal was truly boundless. Indeed the group’s vivid storytelling and their contributors’ stellar production were perfectly executed to propel T-Boz, Chilli, and Left Eye as the top voices of their generation.

Thanks for the memories!