Woman gets body-slammed at #Popeyes by employee for saying the ‘N-word’s [Vid]

More mayhem & confusion at Popeye’s surrounding this now elusive and infamous chicken sandwich. In yet another shocking video-this time it appears to come from Columbia, Tennessee.

From the footage we see a woman who has hurled an expletive (the N-word) at an employee and soon finds herself on the wrong end of a body slam!

From the footage recorded by a witness on the scene, 29-year-old Deriance Ra’Shaiel Hughes can be seen bear hugging the woman from behind before smashing her to the ground.

She is currently receiving medical treatment for six broken ribs, a shattered left arm and a broken knee cap.

The assault happened Tuesday at the Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen on Nashville Highway, and on Friday, officers arrested and charged 29-year-old Hughes, who appears to be a Popeye’s employee, with felony aggravated assault.

Columbia Police officers responded to a disturbance at the fast food restaurant around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Cell phone video of the incident shows the woman walking out of the restaurant. Hughes follows her out bear hugging her from behind. He then can be seen lift her up then throw her to the ground.

Watch the heated exchange below!

People will learn one way or another….


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