#WhitneyHouston’s bff #RobynCrawford breaks her silence! Speaks on their love affair in explosive new memoir! [Details]

Many have spoken, written and exploited the life and times of Whitney Houston. But there was one very close individual in the legendary entertainer’s circle who knew her best but has remained silent about their deep connection–her bff and confidante Robyn Crawford!

In their years together, she was Whitney’s gatekeeper, closest confidante and most loyal protector.

She was also, in the early ’80s, the singer’s romantic partner. Something she has never spoken about until now.

In her powerful new memoir A Song For You: My Life with Whitney Houston, Crawford, 58, is finally sharing her story — and their love story.

Seven years after Houston’s tragic passing, Crawford opens up!

I’d come to the point where I felt the need to stand up for our friendship. And I felt an urgency to stand up and share the woman behind the incredible talent.”

From their first meeting Crawford, who was 19, and Whitney (then almost 17) in 1980 when they were both counselors at an East Orange, New Jersey summer camp, she told her, “I’m going to look out for you.”

And that’s exactly what she did for the next two decades as Whitney became a global superstar.

“We wanted to be together,” says Crawford, “and that meant just us.”

Whitney ended the physical part of their relationship early on, soon after she signed a record deal with Clive Davis at Arista.

The singer broke the news by giving Crawford a gift of a slate blue Bible one day in 1982.

“She said we shouldn’t be physical anymore,” writes Crawford, “because it would make our journey even more difficult.”

“She said if people find out about us, they would use this against us,” says Crawford, “and back in the ’80s that’s how it felt.”

And so, she says, “I kept it safe. I found comfort in my silence.”

There was also pressure from Whitney’s family, including her mother gospel singer Cissy Houston. “Whitney told me her mother said it wasn’t natural for two women to be that close,” says Crawford, “but we were that close.”

Their closeness spawned relentless speculation about Whitney’s sexuality for many years.

“We never talked about labels, like lesbian or gay,” writes Crawford. “We just lived our lives and I hoped it could go on that way forever.”

But as Crawford writes so movingly in her book, that connection was just one part of her deep and lasting bond with Houston, who struggled with drug use and died in 2012 at the age of 48.

“Whitney knows I loved her and I know she loved me,” says Crawford. “We really meant everything to each other. We vowed to stand by each other.”

Something she still does to this day.

Now a family fitness trainer, Crawford lives quietly with her partner, talent agency executive Lisa Hintlemann, with whom she adopted two children.

She hopes by writing her book, she can set the record straight about who Whitney truly was.

Says Crawford: “I wanted to lift her legacy, give her respect and share the story of who she was before the fame, and in that, to embrace our friendship.”

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#whitneyhouston fans here’s your chance to get an up-close and personal look at the singer’s life through the eyes of her long-time #bff #robyncrawford Get it on Amazon! #juicy Posted @withrepost • @raynelleswilling So, so, so PROUD of my Big Sister Robyn. She's opened her heart and is finally sharing HER STORY of her life with Nip. And what a beautiFULLLLLLLLL story it is. I was there for just a blip of time. And boyyyy the stories Whitney would tell me … she would just light UP and go back to when life was sweeeet , easy, kind, free and funnnn. Go on the journey with them. Finalllly you get to be reminded of some of THE GOOD and Happppy that was Whitney's life. PRE-ORDER your copy RIGHT NOW!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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NEWS: Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston were inseparable friends and collaborators. A new book by Robyn is set to be released this year. It is the poignant inside story of their life together. Whitney Houston is as big a superstar as the music business has ever known. She exploded on the scene in 1985 with her debut album and spent the next two decades dominating the charts and capturing the hearts of fans around the world. One person was there by her side through it all. Since Whitney’s death in 2012, that trusted and loyal friend, Robyn Crawford, has stayed out of the limelight and held the great joys, wild adventures, and hard truths of her life with Whitney close to her heart. In A Song for You, Robyn breaks her silence to share the moving and often complicated story of her life and relationship with Whitney. With warmth, candor, and an impressive recall of detail, Robyn gives readers insight into Whitney’s life and career. She traces the years from when she and Whitney first met as teenagers in the 1980s to the recording of Whitney's first album and the infinite success that followed. From countless sold-out world tours to her epic rendition of the US national anthem to the set of The Bodyguard, her tempestuous marriage, and the birth of her only child, Robyn was there. Deeply personal and heartfelt, A Song for You is the vital, honest, and previously untold story that provides an understanding of the complex life of Whitney Houston. Finally, the person who knew her best sets the record straight. A Song For You – My Life With Whitney Houston will be released in hardcover on November 5th, 2019. You can pre-order from Amazon now. (LINK IN BIO) #wh #whitneyhouston #whitney #robyn #robyncrawford #book #novel #friends #bff #1990 #thevoice #queenofpop #queenofmusic #pop #music #diva #friend #bestfriend #love #queen #legend #icon #asongforyou #singer #recordingartist #nippy #rip #friendship #family #author

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I AM SO HAPPY THIS BOOK IS FINALLY BEING RELEASED! Anyone that knows me know I am a diehard Whitney Houston supporter. I love me some Whitney. I think her life and death is one of the most tragic stories in music history. Since her transition, I’ve read books about Whitney written by Cissy Houston, BeBe Winans, Narada Michael Walden, Kevin Ammons and Ian Halperin. I’ve watched every movie and documentary that has been made. I’ve told myself I would never read another book about Whitney…UNLESS, Robyn Crawford decides to break her silence. WELL, Robyn has broken her silence, and I will most definitely be reading her book. I am so glad Robyn has chosen to share her truth. So many bad things have been said about this woman. She deserves the chance to tell her story! I want to read about the love she will forever have for Whitney. I believe Robyn was good for Whitney. I liked their relationship. And Bobby Brown himself even admitted in his book titled, Every Little Step that he believes if Robyn would have been in Whitney’s life, Whitney would still be alive today. That statement alone speaks volumes. Also in his book, Narada Michael Walden only had good things to say about Whitney & Robyn. ** I believe A Song For You is a story that must to be told. And you can bet your bottom dollar I will be at the bookstore the morning it is released. @iamrobyncrawford I am so grateful that you have chosen to share your story with the world! Thank you🙏🏽. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bookstagram #book #books #bookish #bookishfeatures #bookstagrammer #mybiblomaniacs #bookstagramfeature #readersofbookstagram #igreads #igbooks #booklover #read #bookpic #bookworm #bookreviews #readerlife #instagood #writersofinstagram #ebook #currentlyreading #bookreview #authorsofinstagram #instabooks #bibliophile #readers #ilovebooks #robyncrawford #whitneyhouston

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This is going to be a page turner! For years there has been speculation about just how deep their interaction was, now we know that it was not only deep, but closer than we ever knew!

Cissy may not like this one..but this side of the story needs to be heard.


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