#LilKim talks #Beehive vs #Beyonce’s #Beyhive! [Vid]

Fan bases can determine your trajectory as an artist. Some fanbases can be assets and some can be detractors… We have seen this happen. Let’s take the Beyhive of Beyonce. These die hard fans forever protect their ‘QUEEN’ at all costs. But who did it first?

Before social media and streaming and even ‘fanbase’ love…The Queen BEE, Lil’ Kim did it the best for femcees. Her ‘street team’ was HEAVY in these streets. So fast forward to the social media age and Beyonce’s ‘Beyhive’ came to dominance.

Lil’ Kim sat down with Ebro to talk about her Beehive vs Beyonce’s and the conversation she had with Mrs. Carter!


Good to see it’s all LOVE!


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