#BadBoys3 & #ComingToAmerica2 both filming at Tyler Perry Studios at the same damn time! [Pics/vid]

Tyler Perry has elevated the game with his state of the art epic opening of his MASSIVE studio in Atlanta!

There are multiple projects ongoing on the spacious campus and who would’ve thought 2 EPIC movies would be filming at the same time!?

‘Bad Boys 4 Life’, and the sequel to ‘Coming To America’ are both filming there and you never know who you will see on any given day. Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Arsenia Hall, Wesley Snipes, Tracy Morgan just to name a few all PAL it up for some fun pics!

And I’m all in the midst of it soaking it all up!

Big things to come!

Bad Boys II grossed 138.6 million domestically in 2003 and Bad Boys 4 Life is scheduled for release in January 2020, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com. Murphy’s Coming to America, meanwhile grossed over $300 million worldwide in 1988. Its sequel, Coming 2 America: Quest, is set to hit theaters in August 2020.


12 thoughts on “#BadBoys3 & #ComingToAmerica2 both filming at Tyler Perry Studios at the same damn time! [Pics/vid]”

  1. This is really nice, so proud of Mr Perry. Yiu have done it Hollywood in Atlanta. Now you run things, we need more people like you. That would create place like this for us African Americans to call our own, black own. Blessings.


  2. OMG I’m so excited to see both movie, they are some of my favorites. I love Georgia, glad I live here to be apart of all this. Might run into one of these icons in the super market.


  3. When I heard that both movies were being released in 2020, I have already began to make this a family affair to sees both movies, on opening night! Who knows, maybe all weekend! I can’t wait!


  4. I can not wait on the 2 movies to come out. I love all the actors/actresses from both so im super duper excited. Love em all😍😍😁


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