WATCH: #Ghosted: Love Gone Missing season 1 ep 7 ‘Whitney & Tahira’ [full ep]


MTV’s Ghosted: Love Gone Missing, will follow two people — the ghosted and the ghost — as they try to uncover the truth behind those unanswered messages. America’s Bachelorette sweetheart Rachel Lindsay and recording artist Travis Mills will serve as hosts; in the eight-episode docu-series, the two will help distraught individuals track down and confront a former lover, friend, or family member in an effort to uncover the harsh realities of why they “ghosted” them.

Whitney wonders why her old college roommate, Tahira, has blocked her from social media after moving to the west coast.
WATCH ‘Ghosted: Love Gone Missing’ season 1 episode 7 BELOW!

mtvs ghosted love gone missing s01e07 web x264-tbs

[960×540, 41:49]

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