ON THIS DAY…#JanetJackson released ‘Unbreakable’! [Details]

On this day, OCTOBER 2, 2015, Janet Janet released her 11th studio album, ‘Unbreakable’ to critical acclaim! The Album debuted at #1 on Billboard!



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Can’t believe it’s been 4 Years since Janet released what is considered one of the best albums by a female in 2015 “Unbreakable”. The album was a success debuting at No. 1 on top of the Billboard 200 and becoming Janet’s 7th No. 1 album on the chart. This made her the 3rd female artist with the most #1 albums and the third artist (also first black artist) ever to have a #1 album in each of the last four decades. With barely any promotion for the album, it held the No. 1 spot on 5 Billboard Charts in the US also No. 1 in UK R&B Albums Chart. And to date it has sold 400,000 copies (or 500,000+ copies including shipments and equipment streaming sales Worldwide)! What’s your favoriting from this iconic masterpiece and who’s ready for another album? 😩✨ #JanetJackson #Legend #Legendary • • • • • Follow (@janetreceipts ) for MORE! #janetjackson #janet #janetdamitajojackson #janetnation #janetjacksonteam #queenofpop #queenofdance #legend #icon #legendary #iconic #popqueen #pioneerwoman #trendsetter #janfam #jtribe @janetjackson

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Love it!


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