Gay pastor #TomAnderson goes OFF on other pastors who disagree with his engagement! Threatens to expose DL pastors!


I did not know all this was going on in the churches of Atlanta..but here it goes, Allegedly, Pastor Tom Anderson shocked his congregation when he came out as gay and also dropped another bombshell when he proposed to his male lover. Check out the elaborate gesture here…

So now other pastors and church members have spoken out against Pastor Anderson’s recent public lifestyle change and this has angered the pastor so much that now he is speaking out against them! An angry pastor went on social media to BLAST his detractors and has also threatened to EXPOSE other gay pastors and such that living that ‘downlow’ life in secrecy! ( has more or the sordid details of Pastor Anderson’s story HERE!)

Pastor Anderson alleges he has screenshots and other proof in his DM’s of other pastors and church officials that have ‘propositioned’ him or showed gestures of affection towards him. These forward gestures and other activities unbecoming of ‘Men of the Cloth’ are some of the things Anderson went off about in his LIVE rant. Anderson did not mince words or hold anything back. Whomever finds a problem with his life and recent life choices,he gave them the opportunity to ‘see him’ about it! He dropped his address to his church and his place of business for all those that wish to confront him! Here is the wild TIRADE here! Warning there is NSFW language in this footage so if you are easily offended…don’t watch this video!

Wow…times have indeed changed. What do you guys think of this situation?

One thought on “Gay pastor #TomAnderson goes OFF on other pastors who disagree with his engagement! Threatens to expose DL pastors!”

  1. all of it is foolishness and not of God….even wat u got goin on…wat kind of ppl would go to a church wit a pastor wit a mouth and lifestyle like urs


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