#Popeyes REMOVES coveted Chicken Sandwich from their menus nationwide! [Details]

Have you gotten caught up in the frenzied Popeye’s chicken sandwich hysteria? Well that so sought after sandwich has been taken OFF the menu of the Louisiana chain due to the high demand!

Fueled by social media chatter and the famous sometimes even IMFAMOUS Black Twitter, the mania surrounding the sandwich has caused mass shortages and unhappy customers. Simply put, the chain could not keep up with the demand, so they are taking it OFF the menu….On Tuesday, the Louisiana fast food chain released a statement blaming the “extraordinary demand” for their chain selling out of the sandwiches in only two weeks. The sandwich debuted nationwide on August 12 and has yet to
exit trending topics and the heated chicken sandwich war ever since.https://www.facebook.com/36385509036/posts/10156759593104037/By the end of this week, all Popeye’s restaurants will have depleted their inventory of the sandwich, and some are already out of stock. The company said that it “aggressively” forecasted demand to last through the end of September, but apparently the public’s appetite outpaced even their most generous calculations.But dont worry people…it will return and will be a permanent staple on the menu…as soon as the they regroup and get more inventory.I must say I got caught up pursuing the sandwhich as well…. after hours and fights and angry guests.. I got mine!


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