#DJAkademiks pops ALL THE WAY OFF on #Nicki Minaj about her music flopping! [Vid]

Now we know there is no love lost between Nicki Minaj and DJ Akademiks. Recently after the Joe Budden stuff, Minaj called Akademiks Joe’s ‘sidekick’ and said he was a ‘chipmunk’! I mean, he kinda does loom like one, but that’s neither here nor there. The outspoken Dj had some choice words for the ‘Megatron’ rapper about why her music isn’t popping like it once was and why she is trailing behind Cardi B these days. Here is what he had to say:

“Ask her about Drake. Ask her why her music is flopping,” said Akademiks on his Twitch channel. “Megatron’ went on the charts and fell the f*ck off in four weeks. She can’t stay on the charts unless it’s a remix or somebody’s song who’s already been popping. Your music, when you’re making full songs, is old and regurgitated.”

There is more…

“You can rap better than Cardi, but Cardi making better songs,” he claimed. “When you engage with me, I have the right to speak about your music failures, and you have a lot, Nicki. You are a queen or a legend, I can never take that from you, but right now you are drowning.”

Check out his full rant below

I have said this before and this is no diss because I like both femcees. But Cardi’s machine is simply outpacing Nicki’s! To echo Akademiks, Nicki has more skill than Cardi. But at the end of the day when it comes to LIKEABILITY…Cardi wins! She comes off as relatable and approachable and fans connect with her. Nicki was on top for so long and along with that comes that untouchable complex. When fans feel they can’t ‘rock’ with you..they lose touch. And not to mention, Nicki is resting on her laurels. Past accolades and past chart success means nothing when you have a young new talent with A Grammy and multiple other successes that you DON’T have hot on your heels.

Also in my opinion, ‘Megatron’ was a missed opportunity. The song was dope..but it didn’t connect and the video was the usual fair from Nicki….we’ve seen that before…time to reinvent! Also since it was dancehall, she could’ve done a mega remix with some of the top female dancehall queens from the past like Lady Saw, Patra, or even Foxy Brown or Spice for that matter. The song could have been a song of the summer if fleshed out a bit more.

Also Nicki needs to win back her fans by becoming likable again. Because she was on top for so long, she is a target. But she can’t attack all of her haters. Some things need no conversation.

So I agree with some of Akademiks thoughts. Nicki needs to regroup, reinvent and DEAD this Cardi beef and link up in some capacity if she wants to stick around. And what is exactly up with her and Drake anyways?


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