Mugshot Mania: #AndrewCaldwell has been ARRESTED in St. Louis! [Details]

It appears that Andrew Caldwell has been arrested in St. Louis and is being held without bond! Here is what we know so far!

From the police reports, allegedly, Caldwell is being held due to an outstanding warrant stemming from a failure to appear citation, speeding and other charges.

There are sources claiming to know why Caldwell was arrested to begin with.

A source is saying Caldwell alleged that he had been carjacked and sought help for that incident, but this was a lie. That same source had this to say what REALLY happened that lead to his arrest:

These accusations are not substantiated at this time, and are rumors until we know otherwise..

If you recall, Caldwell rose to ‘fame’ as a video of him being ‘delivert’ from homosexuality went viral quite a few years ago. Since that exposure, Caldwell became in his mind a celebrity and has been in and out of the blogs for various other reasons here and there.

Once more info on his arrest is revealed, we will update you.

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