Rumor Has It… #DestinysChild set to REUNITE for epic tour and new music! [Vid]

Now I don’t know how true this is..but the timing is right and ‘The Daily Mail’ is reporting, so there maybe some truth to this. Rumor has it Destiny’s Child are set to REUNITE for new music and a TOUR!

Destiny’s Child are reportedly set to reunite after Beyoncé masterminded a secret plan to get the girl band back together for their 20th anniversary next year.

The singer, 36, is believed to have been inspired by the success of the Spice Girls reunion tour and wants to reform on a bigger scale, according to The Sun.

Beyoncé apparently contacted her band mates Michelle Williams, 39, and Kelly Rowland, 38, and all three women are now on board for the comeback.[DailyMail]

Word from the curb this includes new music and a world tour in 2020!

Until I hear it from the ladies, its just speculation. But it would add up. Beyonce would be coming off of ‘The Lion King’ success, Kelly would be done with ‘ The Voice Australia’ and Michelle is waiting for the ‘bat signal’ to suit back why not!?

This would be huge! Let’s cross our fingers because we have heard this before…so..

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