#LHHH season 6 SUPERTRAILER is BEYOND explosive! [Vid]

The ‘City of Angels’ has never been ROCKED like this before. The ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ crew is back for season 6 and the drama is like an earthquake and it’s not the San Andreas Fault this time…. Our faves and some new energy are back to set the record straight on what’s real and what’s fake!

Season 6 returns August 5th and relationships and frienships may perish in rubble of sex, lies and social media ‘lives’!

A1 and Lyrica are facing some serious relationship struggles again this season and most of their problems stem from A1’s alleged hookup with Summer Bunni. “Did you f**king sleep with her or not?” Lyrica asks A1 in the trailer. She later says, “We renewed our vows and then you cheated after that.”

Summer also confronts Lyrica at a party and the tension escalates. Security and other cast members are forced to step in before it gets too crazy. Things don’t seem to be going well for A1 and Lyrica at all this season. When Ray J asks A1 how Lyrica is doing, A1 says, “Well, I come home and she was gone. She bought a one-way.”

This year, the show is also giving fans the ultimate VIP pass and a behind-the-scenes look at The Millennium Tour with B2K band membersFizz and J Boog. Omarion’s ex and the mother of his children, Apryl Jones, returns to the series while rumors circulate about her close friendship with Fizz. And Marques Houston, alongside his chart-topping group Immature, return to the spotlight and possibly the stage. Ray J and Princess Love are together and raising their daughter, Melody. Rap sensation YoYo joins the show with her signature message of female empowerment and mentors the younger artists, while Kimberly “K. Michelle” Pate struggles with a complicated pregnancy journey via surrogacy.

This season will also feature Micky Munday, Apple Watts, Paris Phillips, Zell Swag, Moniece Slaughter, Jason Lee, Brittany B., Misster Ray, Daniel “Booby” Gibson, Pam Bentley, Lyrica Garrett, and Tricia Ana. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood season 6 will air Mondays at 8 p.m. on VH1.

You don’t want to miss a minute!


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