NEW VIDEO: #Beyonce ‘Spirit’ [vid]

Beyonce’s visually stunning new video for ‘Spirit’ is here! I usually don’t vibe with sappy soundtrack-driven songs because often times they showcase the movie and the message of the entity they are pushing more so than the artist’s true talent…but this one is different! The stunning visuals speak volumes and puts Beyonce’s talent and signature sound front and center!

[via People]

The empowering video features a number of breathtaking outdoor visuals including Beyoncé dancing in the desert, standing in front of a gorgeous waterfall, being joined by her dancers in a lake surrounded by greenery. And later, at sunset, the stars leans against a tree with a beautiful mountain range in the background.

Clips from the new Lion King remake — some with Nala, the role that Beyoncé is lending her voice to in the live-action remake of the Disney classic — were also featured throughout the music video.

Though the scenery and animation were enough to keep viewers entertained, perhaps the most memorable part was in the beginning when Beyoncé was joined by her daughter and mini-me, Blue Ivy.

Less than a minute into the video, as the singer sits by herself in the middle of the desert, the camera suddenly flashes to Blue, 7, who is wearing a nearly identical pink dress to her mom’s.

Blue is captured staring off into the distance, the wind blowing in her hair, before she begins to approach Beyoncé and come into focus. The 7-year-old then reaches out for her mother’s hand and gives a soft smile.

A few seconds later, a close-up of the youngster is shown as she fiercely stares into the camera with her wig of curly red hair (also worn by the backup dancers) blowing in the strong winds.

‘Spirit’ is here!

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