WATCH: #TrishasSouthernKitchen season 14 ep 8 ‘Gardening with Julie’ [full ep]


I have to admit, ‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen’ is one of my guilty pleasures. TRAVELING and being alone a lot of weekends, it reminds me of my family, and I try not to miss an EPISODE on Sunday mornings. I’ve even tried a few of the recipes, but they don’t come out quite as good as Trisha’s, but I try…

Now that she’s no longer on her world tour, Trisha Yearwood finally has time to grow fresh veggies in her garden and she’s enlisting one of her close friends for help. Together they whip up a delicious lunch that includes Creamy Corn and Chile Dip, Roasted Taco Lime Chicken, Jicama and Red Cabbage Slaw and Bacon Dirty Rice.
WATCH ‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen’ season 14 episode 8 BELOW!

trishas southern kitchen S14E08

[720×404, 21:24]

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