#CamRon finally addresses his SPLIT from #Lhhny’s #Juju! [Vid]

For a few years now we have heard about the split between Juju and Cam’Ron. Some of it even played out out ‘Love & Hip Hop NY’. One thing always stuck out though…we never heard Cam’s side of the story. Juju lead us to believe Cam broke up with her ‘out of the blue’ because she wasn’t ‘fun’.

After years of speculation and a recent social media subliminal back and forth between the two… Cam gives us the REAL reason he broke up with Juju and sets the record straight that he was not the villain! As a matter of fact, he claims he got her the gig on #Lhhny and more!

Passive aggressiveness at it’s finest right? Amazing what that ‘whew chile’ comment from Juju brought out! Truth be told, I believe Cam… At least most of it! They always want to paint the guy out to be the bad guy…

Let’s see what Juju says next…..


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