LISTEN: #Blaque previously shelved album ‘Torch’ [album stream]

Who are fans of the group Blaque!? well the ladies have new music..well new to us!

R&B group Blaque have dug into the archives to unearth their previously shelved “Torch” album from 2003. The album has been long awaited by many fans since snippets of some of the songs have floated around the internet for a decade now.

The group was supposed to release on Elektra records following the death of the group’s mentor Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in 2002, but unfortunately that never became a reality. This release is especially bittersweet because we get to hear from the late group member Natina Reed, who passed away in 2012.

Remaining members Shamari Devoe and Brandi D of Blaque chose a special time to give the project to their fans, since it comes a day prior to the 20th anniversary of their self titled debut album. Included on the album is the previously released first single “Ugly” featuring Missy Elliott.

The shelved project contains vocala from group member Natina Reed and a cameo from mentor Left Eye! Take a listen!

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