#TI’s sister Precious died from COCAINE toxicity! Rapper BLASTS TMZ!

The cause of death for rapper T.I.’ sister Precious has been revealed! It appears that cocaine was involved!

Fulton County Medical Examiner said Harris died from “cocaine toxicity which aggravated hypertensive cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure),” according to the report that TMZ obtained. Harris’ high blood pressure eventually impacted the natural flow of blood to her organs, most specifically her brain.

An autopsy showed that Harris had enough cocaine in her system to trigger “heart arrhythmia,” the report that TMZ obtained states. Also, the report said that Harris was already suffering from kidney disease, lung disease and diabetes.

Harris was driving a Dodge Avenger in metro Atlanta when she lost consciousness, veered off the road, and crashed into a telephone pole. Harris never regained consciousness after the crash and was, in fact, in a coma for a week until the family decided to take her off of life support.

T.I. took to social media to BLAST TMZ for revealing the information:


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