Mafia BACK! #LilKim REUNITES with #JuniorMafia for #BIGDinner! [VID]

So is it all LOVE again with the CREW? It appears that Lil’ Kim and Junior Mafia are ‘ALL GOOD” ad Biggie used to RAP. The PIONEERING FEMCEE, Lil’ Kim HOSTED the 1st ANNUAL ‘B.I.G. Dinner’ and her and her FORMER CREW were all SMILES as the celebrated the LIFE & LEGACY of ‘The Notorious B.I.G. in honor of his recent BIRTHDAY!

If you recall, Lil’ Kim, and Junior Mafia standout Lil’ Cease had had some ‘BEEF” for some time, but as you can see it appears to be ALL LOVE for the fam and this is going to be an ANNUAL thing. Who DIDN”T LOVE a JUNIOR MAFIA hit back in the day? GOOD TO SEE the FAM back together!

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