#RHOA NEWS: PEACH PAY! See who’s RETURNING and what they are getting PAID for season 12! [DETAILS]

The REAL HOUSEWIVES of ATLANTA will be gearing up for SEASON 12 SHORTLY. Taping for the new season begins in a few weeks for the NEW SEASON that will IMPACT this FALL! WELL, we NOW know WHO is RETURNING and who has gotten SHIFTEN AROUNS and just who is BRINGING home ‘THE BAG’!! Yes SALARIES— some people got RAISES while others…well let’s just say the PEACH PRCHARD will look a little DIFFWERNT this fall…. BUT KENYA is back, but hopefully she has a PART TIME JOB somewhere else, because that ‘BAG’ she used to DEMAND has some HOLES in it…..

SO, let’s GET IT POPPING! As Marlo HINTED, one WIFE has gotten her PEACH snatched and SADLY it was Shamari Devoe!

So we are starting from lowest to highest. Usually, the reunion will give you an indication of who’s coming and going or making lateral moves. Shamari sat on that couch as quiet as a church mouse and had maybe a 2 minute vignette about her being wasted a few times during the reunion show, so you know some changes were coming. DeVoe has been relegated to ‘friend’ of the show. She however did snag $250,000 last season before her peach was snatched. That is sure to drop a bit as she is pushed into the background.

Tanya Sam sticks around as friend to the wives again. We like Sam and she is needed as a moral barometer to the show and the ladies could all use a ‘woowoowoo’ friend like her RIGHT?
Tanya will be earning $150,000 for Season 12 after making just $100k her first time in the orchard.

For some reason Eva Marcille will be back and actually got a slight bump in pay from $250,000 to $275,000 for her third season on RHOA. Her financial issues and new baby must have given her that edge for a pay increase.

Good old Marlo Hampton…always a bridesmaid never a bride is STILL around as friend to the wives.

Hampton will at least be compensated for her loyalty. Marlo reportedly earned $275,000 in Season 11 and got a $25,000 raise to $300,000 for the upcoming season.

Kenya Moore is back on the scene..but with a DRASTIC slash in pay. The last time she held a peach she was making about 1.5 million, but
she has reportedly accepted an offer of $500,000 to return for season 12. But knowing Kenya.. she will make the most of her return and her next season that bag will increase!

Porsha Williams has become a fan fave again and her new baby and pending nuptials earned her a raise, going from $1.25 million to $1.3 million.

Cynthia Bailey is still in play..even after reports she was on the chopping block. Her new love and possible engagement garnered her a small raise of $1.8 million, up from $1.75 million in season 11.

Of course fan favorite and multimillion dollar singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss is back!

Kandi earned $2.2 million for season 11 but is said to have received a hefty $100,000 raise to $2.3 million for Season 12 with good reason. We all love Kandi!

The self-proclaimed ‘queen’ of the orchard, NeNe Leakes is here and here to stay! Leakes salary went from
$2.75 million to $2.85 million for Season 12 and she has signed a 3-year contract guaranteeing her face in the place for seasons to come.

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