WATCH: #ProjectRunway season 17 episodes 4-8 ” [full ep]


WATCH ‘Project Runway’ season 17 episode 4-8 BELOW!

Ep 4

project runway s17e04 web h264-tbs

[720×480, 01:05:35]

Ep 5:High Fashion to High Street
This week the designers get a once in a lifetime experience when they visit the atelier of the legendary Dapper Dan. Dap is the trailblazer who introduced high fashion to the hip-hop world by creating luxury streetwear. The designers are asked to create their own take on the future of streetwear, and are given just one day to complete the challenge and impress a fashion legend.

project runway s17e05 web h264-tbs

[720×480, 01:05:35]

Ep 6:Power Play

The designers take on the virtual world of fashion in this video game challenge. Three women breaking ground in the multi-billion dollar industry visit the runway, helping the designers understand how clothing for powerful women works in video games! Inspired, the designers each create their own female video game protagonists with a functional and stylish look fabulous enough to earn them an extra life in the competition.

project runway s17e06 web h264-tbs

[720×480, 01:05:35]

Ep 7:Elegance is the New Black
The designers are surprised with an invitation to a Brandon Maxwell photoshoot featuring none other than super model and Project Runway host, Karlie Kloss. Brandon has made a career on sophisticated, elegant creations and now the final 10 will have to impress him with their take on elegance! If the pressure wasn’t high enough – the designers are faced with a flash sale challenge. America will vote on their looks and the winning look will be sold on!

project runway s17e07 web h264-tbs

[720×480, 01:05:35]

Ep 8:Blame It on Rio

Stylist Marni Senofonte is back, this time to challenge the designers to work in her wheelhouse: celebrity styling. The designers divide into teams to create a mini-collection for their client, Deadpool’s Morena Baccarin, who is heading to Rio on vacation. Some designers collaborate while others compromise, as they race to create cohesive looks that tell a vacation fashion story. Only one designer will win, and another will go on a permanent vacation from the competition.

project runway s17e08 web h264-tbs

[720×480, 01:05:36]


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