#Fofty Feud!? #50Cent ENDS beef with #Power producer #RandallEmmett-but the EXCHANGE was COMEDY! [details]


It appears that 50 Cent has ENDED his FEUD with co-executive producer of ‘Power’, Randall Emmett!  If you recall, 50 and Emmett had gotten into a disagreement over money owed to the ‘In The Club’ rapper and actor.

 50 revealed on Instagram that he had made peace with Emmett on April 29 by sharing a screen shot of a text exchange. “Have an idea can u call me?” one message read, which supposedly is a text from Randall to 50. “Fif I agree to all the terms can u please stop posting. Money will be there in the am.”

50 Cent responded, making it clear that he wanted his money ASAP. “You made this f***ing mess, when the money hits the accounts everything comes down,” the 43-year-old wrote. He later added, “OK I just got the wire a**hole, back to my regular scheduled program.”

#Fofty came up when Emmett who probably was TYPING FEVERISHLY to 50 made a TYPO… 50 in turn had T-SHIRTS made and has CAPITALIZED on that as well. CHECK OUT THE INTERNET THREAD:

The feud with his co-executive producer on his hit show Power, emerged on April 26 when Lala clapped back at him for mocking her sex life. “Someone has forgotten where they came from,” she wrote in response to his Instagram comment about her. “Coming for me on the gram!? I smell fish coming from fifty’s direction.”

If you DON’T KNOW, 50 is NOT the one to be messed with on SOCIAL MEDIA… he is RELENTLESS!


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