#RHOA season 12 CAST SHAKE-UP! Who got PEACHES!? [details]


Now that ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reunion is in MIDSTREAM, of course we look to what’s POPPING for season 12! It appears that there are going to some CAST CHANGES and ADDITIONS and SUBTRACTIONS! So who still got PEACHES?? And who has a cup of DICED DEL MONTE!?

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. This is what we THINK we know.

ALLEGEDLY, MOST of our FAVES are staying put…with CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS ongoing! The VETS seem to be still in play, Nene, Kandi, Cynthia, and Porsha are all RETURNING. Now the SHAKE-UP–or whatever you mish to call it. It appears that Shamari DeVoe WILL stick around but in a LESSER capacity. ALLEGDY she will be a ‘FRIEND’ to the show. FOR WHATEVER REASON it appears that Bravo, after waffling back & FORTH, has chosen to let Eva keep her peach….for now. I guess that NO CREDIT, NO MONEY storyline pushed her over the finish line.

Tanya Sam will be back in play as a friend. WE ARE OK with that. We like her and she is the BALANCE the show needs because she is not with all the DRAMA!

Marlo Hampton, due to her ALLEGIANCE to Nene, will stick around in the SAME CAPACITY she has been all these years. I mean she has CORNERED the market on STAYING PUT. Marlo’s ALLEGIANCE may look like its to Nene, but really it’s to staying on the show. WHO ELSE wants to be friends with Marlo? NONE OF THEM. SO what does Marlo do…cater to Nene to get all this camera time that she gets. She is PLAYING THE GAME… and it has been WORKING so far.

NOW the BIG NEWS is Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks. Kenya, allegedly is negotiations to return and the PRODUCERS of the show also have not taken bringing Phaedra back in some capacity as well. These two coming back would ADD a whole other LAYER to these ladies’ stories. Phaedra needs to atone for her ‘DUNGEON RUMORS’, and Kenya needs to come back to WRESTLE that BEAST that Bravo created with Nene.


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