#KodakBlack CLAPS BACK at #TI! DISSES #Tiny! [vid]


It appears that the ‘BEEF’ between T.I. and Kodak Black CONTINUES. If you recall, it all spurred from Kodak’s DISRESPECTFUL comments to Lauren London in the WAKE of Nipsey Hussle’s UNTIMELY death.

Over the weekend T.I. TEASED a ‘DISS TRACK’ towards Kodak, and he is OT taking this one sitting down. Kodak got on SOCIAL MEDIA again to take a SWIPE at T.I. and this time he disses T.I’s WIFE!

We all KNOW how protective T.I. is over his FAMILY! Let’s see how this PLAYS OUT. Let’s HOPE calmer heads prevail and he let’s this one GO….. BUT we will have to wait and see what T.I.’s next move will BE!


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