Teacher accused of KILLING his boyfriend ALSO EMBEZZLED 100k from his church and MORE! [details]

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This STORY gets MURKIER and MURKIER by the day.  Remember the news broke that a BELOVED teacher in Georgia was ACCUSED of FATALLY SHOOTING his BOYFRIEND who then DIED during a POLICE CHASE!?  Well there is even MORE to the story and it INVOLVES STEALING MONEY from the church and MORE!!!

via AJC:

The DeKalb County teacher accused of killing his boyfriend, then dying in a crash while fleeing was already in trouble with police. Roy McClendon-Thompson was arrested three weeks ago for allegedly stealing more than $100,000 from his church, according to an Atlanta police report.

McClendon-Thompson, 42, taught social studies at McNair High School and previously worked part-time as a chief financial officer for Tabernacle Baptist Church in Atlanta. Last year, a church secretary reported to police that between November 2015 and last April, McClendon-Thompson made multiple withdrawals from the church account and deposited the money into personal accounts, the police report states. The amount McClendon-Thompson allegedly embezzled from the church totaled $103,843.30, the church secretary told police. An arrest warrant was later issued for McClendon-Thompson charging him with theft by taking and financial transaction card theft.

McClendon-Thompson was booked into the Fulton County jail March 21, records showed, and was released two days later after posting $15,000 bond. He had a court appearance Friday. But on Monday, McClendon-Thompson allegedly drove to the Dunwoody apartment complex where a man he had been dating lived. In the parking deck, he shot and killed James Curtis Jones, according to Dunwoody police. Jones was 45. Investigators identified McClendon-Thompson as the suspect and went to his Ellenwood home. But he allegedly fled, and in Clayton County, he was killed in a head-on crash, investigators said.

AND…ObnoxiousTelevision.com has even more TEA on the situation!

According to my Obnoxious Street Committee Roy McClendon-Thompson was the Chief Financial Officer Of The Church and signed the checks for members of the church’s payroll. The members went on to say that Roy was taking the churches money to take care of his two lovers, Cody and another live in boyfriend. Both of the men are said to have been known bodybuilders and nighttime male escorts that frequently provided their services to Roy in exchange for big bucks he was taking care of the two men with from Tabernacle.


FULL SPILL of the TEA can be FOUND here!




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