Presidential hopeful #PeteButtigieg opens up about GAY STRUGGLES & Evangelical Hypocrites! [vid]


In a speech before an audience of LGBT rights supporters on Sunday, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, did not describe being gay as something he always believed was acceptable. Nor did he dismiss lingering questions about his viability as a presidential candidate in a country in which three in 10 adults still say they have some reservations or would be very uncomfortable with a gay candidate, according to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll in February.

Instead, he described wrestling with his sexual orientation as “a kind of war” — one he said he was only able to win when he came home from serving in Afghanistan. As a youngster in high school and college, he said, the situation was very different.

“If you could have offered me a pill that could make me straight, I would have swallowed it before you could give me a swig of water,” Buttigieg said at the LGBTQ Victory Fund’s annual brunch. “It’s a hard thing to think about now. If you had shown me exactly what it was that made me gay, I would have cut it out with a knife.”

He added later: “Thank God there was no pill. Thank God there was no knife.”
Although he is not yet a full-fledged candidate — the Democrat has teased an announcement on April 14 — there are already indications that his party is taking him seriously as a presidential contender. He announced a $7 million fundraising haul for the first quarter of 2019, and his campaign events have been packed with growing crowds hoping for a firsthand look at the young mayor from the industrial Midwest. [ABC News]

Buttigieg slammed hypocritical Evangelical Christians, including Vice President Mike Pence, in a Meet The Press appearance, and headlined a brunch for the Victory Fund in Washington D.C. Watch both full speeches below.
Said Buttigieg to the Victory Fund: “As a kid I was hoping one day I’d be an astronaut … but no way would I have believed that one fine day in the spring of 2019 I would be standing in a ballroom in Washington, 37 years old, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, in my eighth year as mayor of my hometown, a couple hours after going on Meet The Press as a credible contender for the American presidency, with my husband looking on from his table!” [source]

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