#KodakBlack BANNED by L.A.’s Power 106! [details]



Kodak Black has been a TRENDING TOPIC ALL WEEKEND LONG!  If you have been under a rock or OUT OF SPACE, Black is facing CONTROVERSY for DISRESPECTFUL comments made about Nipsey Hussle’s WIDOW, Lauren London. [Revisit that HERE]

Now it seems an L.A.-based RADIO OUTLET has BANNED the rapper because if it!

L.A.’s Power 106 has BANNED the play of Kodak Black’s music in light of his recent comments!

Will this effect the bottom line, possibly NOT, but this ACTION shows that the STATION has SOLIDARITY to Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle’s legacy. Kodak Black was bred in the STREAMING era. So he may not even care if a RADIO OUTLET bans his music because STREAMING is probably where most of his AIRPLAY comes from, and STREAMING is BIG BUCKS, so it will be INTERESTING to see how this plays out.

Now IF streaming services start to #MuteKodak, then he will be in TROUBLE…



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