#Beychella documentary coming to Netflix!? Homecoming TEASER! [details]


Y’all know Beyonce moves in silence like lasagna…(that was an old rhyme from Lil’ Wayne–what it means, IDK but it fits).  Beyonce does not do a lot of TEASING or HINT DROPPING or speaking on her projects–she just DROPS THEM and the WORLD STOPS for a moment and reflects.  Well there has been RUMORS SWIRLING that there is an UPCOMING DOCUMENTARY about Beyonce’s RECORD SETTING, ICONIC Coachella set from last year.

No solid details on if this is FACT, FICTION or URBAN LEGEND, but Netflix has been TEASING a new DOCUMENTARY, ‘Homecoming’ and it is SAID to be JUST THAT!

FOr those that remember, Beyonce’s not FAMOUS Coachella set was HBCU themed in nature and gave NODS to that whole SUB-CULTURE.  For those that have lived it or experienced it FIRST-HAND, the BLACK COLLEGE does not PLAY when it comes to HOMECOMING!  The SCHOOL will literally STOP when its HOMECOMING time and when Beyonce hit the stage at Coachella, the world STOPPED.  Hell I think she shut down the LIVESTREAM on YOUTUBE a few times as well.  So here is what we know of the project thus far….

We all KNOW Bey SHUT it down, right? So hopefully this is just what THAT IS… we shall see on APRIL 17th, right? Right.


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