UPDATE: #SaltNPepa #SWV reality show #LadiesNightBET’ coming in April! [details]



New BET president Scott Mills is really SHAKING things up over at the Viacom-owned network and putting HIS STAMP on the venerable outlet with a SLEW of NEW shows coming down the pipeline.

There is some GOOD STUFF coming our way really soon, but one DOCU-SERIES in particular that has piqued our interest here brings 90’s girl groups back to the FOREFRONT of entertainment. Salt & Pepa, EnVogue and SWV have all snagged a new reality offering, ‘Ladies Night’.


SWV and Salt N Pepa are no strangers to REALITY TV so it will be interesting to see how En Vogue will navigate this genre. The GROUP has had their fair share of line up changes and inner drama, but it has been for the most part BEHIND THE SCENES. But now we get to see it ALL!

The 10-episode docuseries follows the personal and professional drama of the iconic 1990s girl groups En Vogue, Salt-n-Pepa, Spinderella and SWV as they embark on a national tour. With a run of shows across the U.S., these iconic artists must create, choreograph and execute a night featuring all of their famous hits. With major money on the line, the OGs will need to put their pride to the side in order to launch something truly memorable. Produced by Entertainment One’s Tara Long; Mark Herwick and Madison Merritt serve as executive producers.

NO PREMIERE date at press time, but word from the curb is that FILMING is going on RIGHT NOW, so just STAY TUNED!

WE WILL defeintely stay on top of this one!

CAN’T WAIT to see some of our FAVES back on the road and in our LIVING ROOMS all over again! This is going to be GOOD!!


****UPDATE**** En Vogue is no longer a part of the SERIES, but SWV and Salt N Pepa are still on BOARD and it’s COMING this MONTH!!!



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