OUT of POCKET! #KodakBlack ‘shoots his shot’ at #LaurenLondon DAYS after#NipseyHussle murder! [vid]


Kodak Black is BACK in the news for some more STUPID SHIT. On Instagram Live, Black mentions that he would try to SHOOT his SHOT at Lauren London. MIND YOU it has only been a WEEK since her PARTNER in LIFE was GUNNED DOWN senselessly. But Kodak says he would give her a YEAR to grieve before he’d make his MOVE!

Not only are these COMMENTS disrespectful, but what would make Kodak think he would even have a chance!? This is the same guy facing sexual assault charges, he has spoken ILL of dark skin women which is an attack on WOMEN period, and he all but SEXUALLY HARRASSED Young M.A knowing CLEARLY she is a LESBIAN and most recently he has spoken ILL about Lil’ Wayne–one of the GREATEST RAPPERS ALIVE, and a PIONEER that has opened doors for him! KODAK!? Trolling is ONE THING. But being DISRESPECTFUL and down right IGNORANT is where MOST should DRAW THE LINE!
Oddly enough, Kodak doesn’t appear to get where he MISSTEPPED!

Kodak does not seem to get it…

Somebody TALK to this kid….


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