WATCH: #Unsung season 14 ep 5 #CrystalWaters [full ep]



With 12 number one hits, six ASCAP Songwriting Awards and four Billboard Music Awards, Crystal Waters is one of the most influential voices in dance music. Hailing from a musical family that includes her legendary aunt Ethel Waters, Crystal initially embarked on a career in government before landing a songwriting and recording deal with famed production team The Basement Boys in the late ’80s. Waters became a global star in the ’90s with the international chart-topping dance hits “Gypsy Woman,” “Makin Happy” and “100% Pure Love.” Her songs were more than infectious beats and catchy hooks, they offered thought provoking social commentary and poetic love stories. When dance music phased out in the late ’90s, Waters was left to revive her musical reputation and career…she tells her story to Unsung….


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