#OmariHardwick gets FLAMED for AWKWARD #Beyonce DOUBLE KISS on the LIPS! [vid]



‘Power’ star and NAACP award recipient Omari Hardwick is getting STUNG HARD by the Beyhive after an AWKWARD DOUBLE KISS! It appeared that Omari was SO ECSTATIC to see Beyonce, that he GREETED her with a KISS—-TWICE on the mouth as JAY-Z stood by looking!

HMMMM… I guess even CELEBS get STAR STRUCK at the SIGHT of other CELEBS too!?? At any rate, I am not SURE how WELL the TWO know each other, but a SIMPLE HUG or HANDSHAKE would have SUFFICED. I mean, the way tucked her hair back, you can tell she was VISIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE. I am no BODY LANGUAGE expert, but she almost CRINGED while still saving face.

My thing is, when in DOUBT, do as J. Cole did when he met Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union….


The BEYHIVE is RELENTLESS…they are calling for the CANCELATION of ‘Power’ and everything. I mean IT’S NOT LIKE he DRY HUMPED her, he just got a little too FAMILIAR… He will KNOW the NEXT TIME to STAND DOWN!!!



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