#ChrisRock ROASTS #JussieSmollett at 50th #NAACPImageAwards! [vid]

50th NAACP Image Awards - Show

Well we knew this was coming. It’s just been LONG ENOUGH that comedians have had time to GO IN on Jussie Smollett and his LEGAL WOES. All the CHARGES were DROPPED against him, but he is STILL a HOT TOPIC in the industry.

At the 50th Annual NAACP Image Award, acclaimed comedian and actor, Chris Rock was a PRESENTER and he could not MISS OUT on the opportunity to ROAST our brother Jussie Smollett! This is what Chris quipped about:

The ‘U’ was RESPECT! LOL…. No more respect from Rock–he joked. MIND YOU, the crowd laughed and it was all in FUN, right? I think so. It has been just long enough that it is OKAY for our PEOPLE to joke about OUR PEOPLE in BLACK SPACES. It akin it to you ROASTING the HELL out of your kid brother, but if ANYBODY ELSE chimes in, you are ready to go to BLOWS. I didn’t think it was a SCATHING diss or anything, just lighthearted fun. SOME people didn’t LIKE it, but HOPEFULLY Jussie didn’t take any offense. I mean he has to KNOW he is going to be the TOPIC of discussion for WEEKS to come….UNTIL some other celeb does some that TRUMPS what he did–YOU ARE IN THE HOT SEAT my friend.

Now again, some critics are saying that Rock went too far and this is the JOKE from a PERSON who sat in the company of WHITE comics using the ‘N’ word and he didn’t INTERVENE.

I didn’t like how that PLAYED out…

So I am kinda on the fence here with Chris… WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?

Did ROCK go too FAR?


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