NEW VIDEO: #LilKim ‘Go Awf’ [vid]


RAP ICON, Lil’ Kim is PREPPING her 1st STUDIO ALBUM in 14 years!! I think she is calling it ‘9’. NOT SURE WHY, but that is what I heard. She is BACK with another SINGLE, from the project, ‘Go Awf’! Ummm…. CHECK IT OUT!!

This is what I WROTE when I 1st saw the visual on FACEBOOK:


Darrell Thegamutt Shuler Ok..let me start by saying I love Lil’ Kim’s legacy…now let’s be real. This was a valiant effort. Kim being Kim..the content of the song is null..she ain’t saying nothing. Kim was know for being a lyricists…there is nothing lyrical here. The video was ok.. But I can tell the budget is not there like her past videos..basically there were only 2 set ups..the airport and the garage at the this era we need more unless most will get bored..i did. And the editor relied to heavy on the same transitions and effects. I’m a video editor so I know. The Auto tune stuff is ok.. But Kim does not need that..she can limit that or cut it all together.. Are Nicki & Cardi need..but from an independent route she did ok..looks more like a promo for a private jet rental company than a video from a multi platinum, Grammy winning artist. Youngsters don’t @me it’s just my opinion.

I said it a few hours ago–and RE-READING it, I still mean it and MORE.. I may go ahead and ADD more to this later, but for now…’ENJOY’ the video.



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