#RHOA NEWS: #PorshaWilliams and #NeNeLeakes are DRAGGING each other on SOCIAL MEDIA…again! [details]


It seems like THE DOOR is going to CLOSE AGAIN on Nene Leakes and Porsha Williams’ FRIENDSHIP.  ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ stars are seeming GOING AT EACH OTHER’S throats again over ‘CLOSET-GATE’!

Remember a few episodes back Kandi and Porsha TRIED to enter NeNe’s MUCH TALKED ABOUT closet at her ‘Bye Wig’ Party, and all HELL broke loose.  Porsha made claims that she was SCARED, and it was insinuated that she had taken her BELT off if anything was to pop off to DEFEND herself.  Well since the EXPLOSIVE trailer for the SEASON 11 trailer was released, we saw that almost ALL of the LADIES had an AX to grind with Nene, and not just Porsha.  But it appears that the O.G. housewife put Porsha SQUARE in her sights with a HEAT SEEKING MISSILE of READS and INSULTS, and Porsha had them to give back too!

Body SHAMING, NAME CALLING, and this is from a NEAR 50 something year old self-proclaimed ‘HBIC’. I’m with Porsha, I’m not READING ALL THAT…but from what I did read, I am #TEAMPORSHA.

First of all..Porsha JUST GAVE BIRTH, and her BODY still looks better than NeNe’s. All this ‘bad body’ stuff NeNe was SPOUTING seems POINTLESS.. ALSO, since NeNe claims to be the ‘HBIC’ why not be a leader and take the HIGH ROAD? Just days after a woman gave birth, you insist on having an INTERNET battle with her? NeNe is so THREATENED by ANYONE that STANDS UP TO HER BULLYING. She thinks she can say or do anything she wants, but when it’s returned to her, she can’t deal! If you are the ‘HBIC’ it needs not to be stated–just LEAD and be the ‘QUEEN BEE’ if that’s what you want, but don’t expect others to KISS the ring, she ain’t the POPE! But all in ALL–it does whet our appetites for the REUNION as we WAIT to see if the DOOR IS CLOSED on this two once and for all….


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