WATCH: #AtlantaChildMurders documentary [3-parts]

The Atlanta Child Murders

ID The Atlanta Child Murders

This very timely three-hour special looks at the 23-month period starting in 1979 when 29 African American children were snatched from their families and killed in Atlanta. Wayne Williams was eventually arrested and prosecuted for the murders of two adults, with police assuring the public he was also responsible for the child murders. Did he really do it? Atlanta officials announced just days ago that they are re-evaluating the evidence in this case. This ID special also takes a fresh look at that evidence. WATCH the 3-hour DOCUMENTARY below!

Part 1 ‘Into the Woods’

The Atlanta chld Murders 2019 Part 1 Into the Woods WEB x264-CAFFEiNE

[992×558, 42:52]
Part 2 ‘The Devil’s Work’

The Atlanta chld Murders 2019 Part 2 The Devils Work WEB x264-CAFFEiNE

[992×558, 42:53]

Part 3 ‘The Requiem’

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